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Is Your Pittsburgh Roof Leaking?

Roofers On Demand offers same day roof repair services to all of our Pittsburgh, PA and all Western Pennsylvania customers. We work as hard as we can to protect your home and reduce the amount of interior damages. Contacting us as soon as you suspect your roof leaking could reduce costs by over 50%.

A high-quality, watertight roof is fundamental to the longevity of your home. Water is the most destruct force on earth and the effect on your home is no different. Leaks can often go undetected for months leading to internal damage to the home.

If you think your roof is leaking, take action and get an inspection. It could save you a few thousand dollars of future repairs. Contact Us Today, Get Service Today!

Don't wait any longer to fix your roof leak, Contact Roofers On Demand Today. 92% of water damage could have be prevented, Be part of the 8% and save money.  Most repairs can be completed immediately and prevent further interior damages from occurring. Our team of expert roofers can repair any type of roofing and will work hard to get your property back to normal as fast as possible!

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What Happens When Your Roof Leaks

Water can get through any crack in a shingle and will continue to wear away at the surfaces, finding the point of least resistance. Once it gets under the roof shingles, it can interact with the roofing felt or ice and water guard. These materials are installed to provide an extra layer of protection overtop of the structural plywood.

If the plywood becomes exposed to water, it will absorb the water, reducing the integrity of the wood, and eventually can rot or give way and fall down. Beneath the plywood is the interior of your home with drywall, flooring, etc. Over time the drywall will wear down and the water leak will cause a hole to form. Water will directly pour into your home if these issues are not addressed and can cause further internal damage.


Water can quickly damage several areas of your home such as Drywall, furniture, and flooring. Water damage to wood and cause rotting or mold within your wall without much evidence from the drywall.

Water travels with gravity to the least path of resistance, and it will make its way towards your home’s foundation. Foundations are designed to keep water from entering in, once water is inside it creates the perfect area to store the water. Foundation damage can be catastrophic to a home, potentially causing a basement wall to cave in or worse. Repairs can easily cost 5-figures.

Getting your roof repaired as soon as you notice the leak will cost you significantly less, the faster it is fixed. It is important to get your roof inspected as soon as possible by someone qualified like Roofers On Demand.

Why Is My Roof Leaking?

Several factors have to be considered when determining why your roof is leaking. From the age of your roofing system to the installation techniques used by the roofers that installed it. On average most homes roofing systems need maintenance at the 8-10 year mark, If no maintenance is performed your 35% more likely to have some type of roofing issue. Some of the main areas that cause roof leaks in Pittsburgh are:

Chimney Flashing: The flashing around the chimney cracks/tears from weather or improper installation, creating a gap and allowing a path from water to travel. 

Step Flashing: The sealant placed around the flashing fails or cracks allowing a undisturbed path for water to travel and enter your property.

Nail Pops: Nails from your roofing material "pop up" creaking a small mountain under your shingles and breaking your shingles seal. Once the seal is broken, water is able to reach your roofing systems underlayment and finally entering your homes interior.

Skylight Flashing: Skylights have flashing kits installed around them at the time of installation, once weathering has taken place it creates gaps that allow water to enter your home.

Pipe Boots: Ventilation pipes have "pipe boots" installed around them, over time they tend to fail from improper installation or no maintenance. Once they have failed they create an area for water to travel freely and enter your homes interior. 

Pipe Boot Roof Leak Cause
Chimney Flashing Damage Repair Pittsburgh
Wood damaged by roof leaking Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania
Roof Deck suffering from Water Damage Pittsburgh-PA

Don't Let A Leak Ruin Your Week!

If you call us for a Roof leak repair, we are not going to try and sell you a new roof. Most roof leaks can be patched quickly and affordable, and do not require a complete replacement. If you notice an area you think may be a roof leak contact us immediately, quick response will reduce over-all repair cost.  Roofers On Demand is the Best Roof Repair Contractor in Pittsburgh, PA and all Western Pennsylvania

  • Shingle Repair
  • Flat Roof Repair
  • Rubber Roof Repair
  • Metal Roof Repair

Schedule your FREE No-Obligation Inspection and Estimate Today, Roofers On Demand will make sure its fixed correctly the first time. We have 24 Hour Emergency Roof leak repair services available for all of our Western Pennsylvania customers.


Roofers On Demand offers several roof maintenance packages in Western, PA. In most cases, it is not necessary to have yearly roof maintenance until your roof reaches around 8 – 10 years old. A large amount of the same things that it takes to maintain a roof also prevent & stop it from leaking. A few things that can cause premature roof maintenance are: 

  • Proper Ventilation
  • Type of Underlayment
  • Installation Practices
  • Severe Weather Damage

Roof maintenance in Pittsburgh is common, with the hail/wind storms and the changing of seasons rapidly. During roof maintenance, our expert staff will examine your entire roof for any potential future roof leak areas. Our checklist involves inspecting:

  • Flashing Sealing & Caulking
  • Paint Flashing
  • Fix Nail Pops
  • Check for Proper Draining Gutters
  • Check Ventilation Tube Gaskets (Pipe Boots)
  • Caulk Ridge Vent Nails
  • Examine and Seal All Ventilation(Box Vent, Ridge Vent)
  • Re-Nail Shingles As Needed
  • Examine All Chimneys & Valley and Several Other Areas of Potential Risk

Our goal with roof maintenance is making sure your roofing system is functioning correctly and eliminate future roof leaks.

If you choose Roofers On Demand on your roof maintenance, We will guarantee the roof and give you a full report with pictures of all of our findings.

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