Roofers On Demand got a call on a Sunday after noon from Mrs. Younger, She said " I have a small roof leak I need you boys to come look at and i'm on retirement so I can't afford much but I have to get this fixed now." We told her that we would try to work with her on price to help out but that it was impossible to quote a price over the phone without seeing the roof leak. Also that we would come inspect it free of charge for her. Mrs. Younger was happy we were coming over right away and that it was free.

Upon arrival Krys got on roof and immediately notice wind/hail damage and that the decking material seemed weak.  Krys got off the roof and told Mrs. Younger she had storm damage and to call her insurance company to set a date for them to come inspect the property.  Mrs. Younger had owned the property for 30+ years and never filed a claim, she was nervous but Krys reassured her by showing her pictures of her roof and pictures from online of what wind/hail damaged roofing looked like.  She got her insurance information and he helped her call to report the claim. Krys then had a tarp installed to prevent further interior damage.

A week later the adjustment date had arrived, Krys met the adjuster at the property and did the inspection on the roof together.  The adjuster approved the roof for replacement and he approved the roof decking to be replaced since it was thinner then the current code called for.  Mrs. Younger was happy that she was going to be getting a new roof but was concerned about paying her deductible of $1000.00. 

Krys had Mrs. Younger pick out a shingle color for her new roof and had the roof installed 3 days later, It was completed in one day, Mrs. Younger was upset and trying to set up payment arrangements for her deductible, Krys told Mrs. Younger that she didn't owe him anything and that he would hope someone would treat his grandmother the same way.  Mrs. Younger was happy but vowed to pay it as soon as she could.  Her roof was replaced with a lifetime roofing system and new decking, She has call Roofers On Demand several times to try to make payment and Krys will not allow the office staff to accept her money. In August she mailed a check to the office for the deductible, Krys took the check to her house and returned it. Mrs. Younger was a pleasure doing business with, its always an awesome feeling being able to help someone in a tight spot.  

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Roofers On Demand is known in Pittsburgh as one of the best roofing contractors, mainly because we don't avoid certain roofing types.  Our roofing experts take great pride in being true masters of their craft.

Roofers On Demand got a request for an estimate in the type of project box the customer entered cedar roof.  These roofs are extremely difficult and expensive, in most cases the customers have use remove the old roofing material install new roof decking and a shingle roof.  Not with this home owner, he wanted to preserve the property with its original material that was used on the roof.  Our company and the installers that work for us have only taken part of 4 of these roofs ever, Krys was nervous about the roof for a few reasons. One reason was that it would tie up an install crew for a long period of time and 2nd that if anything went wrong it would cost over $100,000 to replace it.  Krys had 2 installers look at the Pittsburgh roofing project with him, they then held a meeting at the office and decided to submit a bid the next day.

The next day Krys scheduled a time to meet with the home owner, Krys presented his price and started to go into detail about how the roof project would be completed.  In the beginning of his explanation the home owner stopped him and said he didn't need to hear any more the job was his.  Krys left the house and ordered materials the same day and got an expected delivery date for a week. The materials arrived and the crew started chipping away at the roof only being able to remove and complete 4 or 5 squares a day compared to the same crew doing 30+ squares of shingle roof a day.  

Finally the Pittsburgh specialty roof was on its last day when the owner came outside when Krys arrived to talk. The owner told Krys the install crews had did an amazing job and the he had 7 other Pittsburgh roofing companies come look at project before he gave it to him. Out of the 7 roofing contractors only 3 said they would bid the roof and only one other sent him a estimate 3 weeks later. The owner was impressed how Roofers On Demand tackled the project head on and made a perfect plan for success.  

This roofing project is by far not even close to the biggest roof we have completed but it is one of the more difficult ones.  Installing specialty roofing material is a art form, the installers have to love their craft and have superior attention to detail skills.  Since completing this project we have been referred by the mansion owner to 2 other roofs with the same material.  Roofers On Demand is the best roofing contractor in Pittsburgh and all of western Pennsylvania.



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