Knowing When The Correct Time To Take Action On Your Pittsburgh Roof

If you’re searching for a ‘best roofing company Pittsburgh’, it’s probably because your roof has started showing signs of aging, has lost a few shingles or sprung a leak and now you’re thinking whether to repair it or replace the entire roof. It can be confusing not knowing which way to go; however, you’ll be pleased to know that a lot of ‘roofing contractors Pittsburgh’ claim that not all the inspections they make result in replacement. A repair might just be what you need. But, how do you know when to repair versus replace?

Making The Right Decision

Making the decision on whether to choose roof repair Pittsburgh versus roof replacement can influence the long and short-term function of the roof. Plus, it can affect your budget too. So, it’s paramount to make the right decision here. For example, when you choose to repair the roof when it should be replaced, it will end up costing you twice in a short amount of time. But if you do repairs when appropriate, it will work out just fine and save you money. For you to ensure the long-term functionality of your roof, you should be able to know under what conditions you need to replace versus repair.

Roof repairs can come in all forms and shapes and maybe either on the outside of your home or inside. Professional roofing contractors Pittsburgh can handle any of the repairs and it’s a better choice than a general contractor or a handyman.

Some Roofing Problems That Can be Repaired

If you’re thinking ‘roof repair Pittsburgh’, here are a few factors to aid your decision and help you select the best Pittsburgh roof repair contractors,

Torn, damaged or missing shingles: These are common occurrence as you never know what you’ll find after a strong storm. It’s fairly easy and inexpensive to slip in new shingles into the spaces left by the old shingles and just as simple to replace damaged or torn pieces. A qualified roofing company Pittsburgh will have no difficulty replacing the bad pieces with new ones.

An important thing to note though is that the new shingles may not match up 100% with the already existing shingles. Even though you may have extras standby from your first roofing installation, UV radiation exposure and other weather elements will have affected the old shingles, so the new ones won’t be an exact match.

Partial re-roofing: If one area of your roof is significantly damaged, then you may just be able to get away with partial re-roofing. This will be easier to blend than trying to replace a few singles here and there and will save you money over entire roof replacement. However, know that partial re-roofing sometimes may be more expensive per square foot compared to complete replacement. It’s advisable to get the opinion of trusted roofing contractors Pittsburgh before deciding on a course of action.

Leaks: Roofing leaks are always repairable most times. However, trying to find out where the leak originated can be difficult because water travels very easily. To be able to pinpoint the exact leak area, you’ll have to rinse off the sections and then replace or repair the flashing according to the nature of the leak. 

Summarily, you need roof repair if you have:

When Roof Replacement Is A Better Option

No doubt Pittsburgh roof replacement can be a big investment but it’s the best option sometimes.

Roof replacement should take priority over any other home improvement project when needed. It’s important to consider the condition of your roof at all times as it keeps everything inside your home protected. So, how do you know it’s time to replace your roof? Your local ‘roofing company Pittsburgh’ should be able to provide you with adequate information to aid your decision.

Deciding Factors For Pittsburgh Roof Replacement

A lot of damage on the roof overtime: If you live in an area that experiences severe weather conditions, then your roof won’t last as long as those rooftops in moderate conditions. You’ll be better off replacing the entire roof if you find yourself always replacing a few shingles here and there after almost every storm. There has been a lot of improvement in materials used for roofing over the years. Full replacement will give you the opportunity to upgrade to shingles that are specifically designed to withstand wet weather or strong winds. Plus, fresh adhesives will be used making the roof more solid.

How Old Is Your Roof

No roof lasts forever; 12 to 20 years is the average life span of a roof. This of course depends on the maintenance of your roof. If your roof is nearing 20 years and requires some work, then you’d better replace it.  By this time, torn flashing's and leakages start happening regularly irrespective of the type of roof. Shingles will have cracked and dried out leading to accumulation of moisture underneath which causes the slow but steady decay of the underneath wood framing.

Number Of Torn Or Missing Shingles

If you’ve a huge number of missing tiles and shingles on your rooftop, then carrying out a full replacement is the best option rather than choosing to repair it.

Wind Damaged Pittsburgh Roof Brown
Partial Re-Roof When Age Is Catching Up On Your Pittsburgh roof:

Maybe you only need a partial re-roof at the moment. However, if you have the intention of being in the home for several more years why not consider doing the whole roof anyway? You may not know it but it will be cost effective in the long-run to have the whole roof done at one time while the whole roofing crew is on site already with the needed materials.

Interior Walls Touching The Roof

What is the condition of the interior walls touching the roof? You can see warning signs on the walls telling you it’s time for replacement. You may have a new roof in the future if you have peeling or missing paint on interior walls. Moisture marks on the interior walls is a sign of big trouble as it means water seeping down from the roof. These marks can also mean the roof just needs to be replaced. Your local roofing company in Pittsburgh can always help you decide.

Pittsburgh Leaking Roof Interior Damage

Pittsburgh Roofing Best Practices

Keeping your roof clean in addition to proper care and maintenance will put off the need for roof replacement. Nonetheless, every roof will need to be replaced eventually depending on how long the roof have been installed.

Topmost of all these things is that your initially installed roofing will also be a deciding factor on when you need a replacement. Wrong materials or a bad design will result in your roof not lasting as long as it should. If you’ve decided you need a new roof, be certain it’s of high quality by shopping reputable roofing companies in Pittsburgh.

If you’re not sure whether repair or replacement is what you need, contact ‘roofing contractors Pittsburgh’ as most offer free on-site inspection with no obligation whatsoever.

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