Extending Your Pittsburgh Roofs Lifespan

When you are buying a house or building one, its roof is one of the most important factors you consider. After all, we own home basically to have a roof over our head right? So it follows that the roof is a top priority. No one wants a leaking roof or other complications associated with you Pittsburgh residential roof. However, if it happens, choosing the best roofing company in Pittsburgh to correct is important. 

In this roofing Pittsburgh, PA article, we will share with you how to make your roof last longer. We understand how much money and time you have invested in your roof, and you deserve to know how to make it last and save on costly home roof repairs. The tips below are simple and easy practices that translate to long-lasting roofs.

Tips That Increase Roof Longevity

Whether your roof is new or not, roofs often go through wear and tear as a result of weather conditions; these tips will help you save money and time on roof replacement.

  • Clear Debris
  • Clean Gutters And Downspouts
  • Check For Moss And Algae
  • Improve Attic Ventilation
  • Improve Attic Insulation
  • Inspect Shingles For Damage
  • Avoid Walking On The Roof
  • Maintain Roof
  • Get A Professional Pittsburgh Roof Inspection

Clean Debris

Often, when you searching for roofers near me, you do so because you believe the roofing company will install a durable, long-lasting roof. But this can be affected by debris. When debris accumulates on your roof, it reduces your roof’s longevity by causing damage to your roofing system.

If you have trees that drop fruits, needles, and leaves on your roof, there will be a lot of debris on your roof. The thing about leaves and fruits (especially for shingles) is that they trap moisture. This moisture reduces the overall effectiveness of the roof.

Thus, clearing debris from your roof is a great way to make your roof last longer. You will need to do this at least once a year, preferably during springtime. You may have to do this clearing more frequently if you have had a storm or if fruits or leaves build up heavier on your homes roofing system/ 

Clean Gutters And Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are designed to drain water off the roof. When they become clogged with debris and dirt, water collects on the roof and exposes the roof to potential water damage. The moisture damages the foundation of the roof and increases the chances of a roof leak.

You can avoid all of this and make your roof last longer if you clean your gutters and downspouts. You can also consider installing gutter screens; this will help your drainage system work effectively.

Check For Mold And Algae

Especially for Pittsburgh shingle roofs, it is common to see algae and mosses grow on roofs in moist climates. They stain and discolor the roof, but can do more harm when you try to clean. This is why we advise you to call a professional roofing company in Pittsburgh, PA to do a proper cleaning for you. Attempting to clean your roof on your own can be dangerous, especially if your home roof is steep. locating a Pittsburgh roofing company is that will do a good job is important, search for roofers near me.

Improve Attic Ventilation & Insulation

Another critical factor that affects your roof’s longevity is your attic ventilation. Yes. If you have inadequate ventilation, your attic overheats during summer. This heats roofing materials, degrades them quickly and compromises the lifespan of your roof. It also reduces the effectiveness of your insulation system. Therefore, it is vital that you ensure adequate ventilation in your attic, an improvement that will save your roof.

Attic Insulation Improvements

Like ventilation, insulation is essential for increasing the longevity of roofs. Improving your attic insulation will extend the life of your roof, make your home more comfortable and cut energy cost.

Inspect Shingles For Damage

Damage control is a great way to stay on top of your game concerning roof life, Unfortunately, shingle damage is inevitable sometimes. For most roofs, hail and wind are the main causes of shingle damage and Pittsburgh roof leaks. When shingle damage occurs, it may be difficult for you to spot, but your local Pittsburgh roofing company can inspect. Professional roofers can spot damages that may not be obvious to you looking at your home roof from the ground. Once detected, these damages can be repaired to prevent it from spreading and compromising the integrity of your home roof.

Avoid Walking On Your Pittsburgh Roof

This applies to most Pittsburgh roofs, especially asphalt shingles roof systems. It often feels perfectly safe to climb your roof, but you should avoid it. It's unsafe without any form of safety equipment and can thin the granular layer of the shingles. 

If you must walk on your Pittsburgh roof, do it in springtime when the weather is warm, and roof materials are malleable. But preferably, contact a professional roofing company in Pittsburgh.

Maintain Your Pittsburgh Roof

In addition to clearing your roof of leaves, fruits, needles, and dirt, you should also cut back tree branches overhanging your roof. You should take action if rodents or pests have made homes on your roof. Your roof will thank you for it.

Get Professional Pittsburgh Roofing Inspection

Like most things, the best way to extend your Pittsburgh roof’s life is early detection of problems, immediate response to the issues and taking precaution. This is why you need to have professionals do a periodic inspection of your roof. These inspections save you from having to deal with complex roof problems. Plus, it will extend your roof’s life.

Roof Longevity And Springtime Maintenance

A lot of times, many Pittsburgh homeowners are unsure when the best time to have their home roofs inspected. As far as  Pittsburgh roof maintenance is concerned, springtime is a perfect time. Roofs go through a lot during winter, they weather thick snow, freezing winds, cold temperatures and a lot of melting. These weather elements are tough on roofs and can cause damage. After those difficult months, the best time to check for damages and fix problems is spring.

The warm temperature makes roof materials malleable and less likely to damage. It is also easier to detect problems and damages during this time. Your local roofing company in Pittsburgh can fix and repair any damage or problem. Remember, the earlier issues are identified and fixed, the longer your roof will last.