Numerous Pittsburgh home owners are interested in reducing their home’s effect on the environment. In addition to fundamental changes, for example, installing energy efficient appliances and low-stream shower heads, it is also practical to diminish a house’s environmental impact by making modifications to the roofing system. Below are some common roofing related ways to make your home earth friendly, Also help reduce energy and utility expenses. 


  • Water Collection Barrels: A straightforward and typically inexpensive technique for bringing down a homeowner’s impact on the environment is to put a water collection barrel at the bottom of your downspouts. The water produced from the roof run-off can be collected and utilized for most outdoor needs except watering animals. Creating environmental advantages by displacing the water frequently used from a hose and decreases costs by bringing down water usage.


  • Adequate Ventilation & Insulation: Adequate ventilation and insulation of a home roofing system can benefit the environment while lowering the amount of money spent heating and cooling a home. The decrease in power and fossil fuels used in the heating and cooling process will help make a more environmentally efficient Pittsburgh household.


  • Daylighting: Tubes that are Solar reflective are an amazing way to bring natural daylight into most of a house. Providing natural daylight during the daytime and reduce electricity consumed by the home. Allowing it to save the environment and homeowners hard earned money.
    • How Daylighting Functions Daylighting isn’t your everyday average skylight, It attracts immediate and reflected sunlight through solar reflective tubes to equally distribute light throughout your home. The roofing membrane is tailored to attract light all day long, and even performs well during the winter months. Once the Light is collected and the UV rays are taken out it’s reflected through cylinders to create light in the home.


  • Not Allowing Roof Top Obstructions: Keeping tree branches and vines from developing on a roof area will support sustainable air flow. Also stops unwelcomed wear and year to the membrane. When air circulation is insufficient around the roofing system it allows for hot areas, hot areas on roof dramatically advance aging on most any type of roofing system. Extending the life of the roof system reduces the amount of roofing materials used and keeps homeowner’s money in their pocket while lowers the impact on the environment.


  •  Roof Maintenance: Maintenance to any roofing system including the rain collections system helps extend the life of the system. Roof maintenance packages are common among a lot of roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, PA. Most will give you a free no obligation inspect and estimate. 


Cooler Home, Lower Utility Bills

Reduce your energy costs while supporting the environment by applying a cool roof system to your home. In most cases home owners save 10-15% on utility bills alone, It’s  great when you can reduce costs and help the environment. Energy Star Efficient roofs help reduce the amount of  air conditioning needed during the summer months which in turn will lower the amount of electricity your home consumes. In addition to saving energy costs, cool roof systems will help your home reduce pollution. If your home is in Pittsburgh’s metropolitan area, It will help minimize the heat island effect created by your homes roofing system. 


How Cool Material Functions

A dark roofing system absorbs UV causing the entire roofing system to increase in temperature. Once the roofing material is heated it transfers the heat inside the home creating a need to reduce the interior temperature. Finally the air conditioning unit is working hard using a large amount of electricity to cool the home and become less efficient. 


When the sun’s ray’s hit’s the cool roof membrane a large amount of radiation is reflected off the exterior surface, what little bit is left is absorbed. The absorbed heat is then radiated resulting in a lot less being transferred into the building. Cool roof systems allow for cooler interior temperatures which lowers electric bill from not using as much air conditioning. Cool roofs being mostly single membrane roofing material out last any other type of flat roofing system in Pittsburgh, PA.



Smart Choices For Our Environment


As the population continues to grow in Pittsburgh, we all should be conscious of the decisions we make concerning our environment. In a lot of cases the initial costs to go green is more expensive, over time the savings can help recover the additional expenses and help Pittsburgh homeowners contribute to a healthier environment.  It’s important to select a roofing contractor in Pittsburgh, PA that will inform you of all your options and create a custom plan specific to your home’s needs. Roofers On Demand ensure every Pittsburgh roofing customer understand the pros and cons of every roofing system they are considering having installed.  They have been one of the only roofing contractors in Pittsburgh that truly pushes the different types of cool roofs available on the market today.  If everyone helps by making small changes, we can have a huge impact.