Is Your Roof Leaking? It's Probably Your Chimney Flashing.

No one worries about chimney roof leaks until it starts to leak. Trust me; having to keep track of the weather is frustrating.

How about running for a drip can whenever it rains? Impractical and annoying, right? Investing in a good roof can help you save time and money. So don't ignore one little drip as it symbolizes a bigger roofing issue.

If you notice water stains over your fireplace or on your ceiling, you must check your chimney flashing. Chimneys leak a lot.  Also, they allow water into your home in different ways. One of such ways is through metal flashing's.

What Is Chimney Flashing?

The metal strips placed on ridges and corners of your roof are called flashing. Also, they're placed around your skylights, chimney and the anterior part of your roof.   To prevent water drips, Chimney Flashing helps seal where the roof and chimney intersect.

There are several reasons why chimneys leak. Some reasons include:

Poor Execution

In fact, chimney installation varies. So only a few roofers have the required skill to roof them. So it doesn't matter if it is vinyl, stone, brick, stucco, or metal, chimneys leak due to bad workmanship.

Most chimney roof leaks occur at one of the chimney's corner. It happens as a result of wrong roofing and flashing.

Counter-Flashing Leaks

This is a common reason why chimney leaks. Counter-flashing is the metal that overlaps the chimney. It covers the step flashing at the roof level. Also, it's trimmed and molded into the brick by its top. If your roofer does not attach and seal the counter-flashing properly, it may leak.

Masonry Leaks

Masonry leaks occur often. If your roofer can't stop a leak, you'll end up with a masonry leak. The masonry will soak up water like a sponge if it's not closed properly. Even though you have a great roof work with a beautiful counter-flashing, a masonry leak can ruin it. So if you see a wet mortar with no damage to the drywall or paint, a masonry leak is responsible.

When To Repair Your Chimney Flashing

Preferably, you should inspect your chimney flashing every six months. Inspection helps stops leaks from ruining your home. Also, If the flashing is rusted or missing from the chimney, consider replacing it. For durability, whenever you mend your roof’s shingles, replace the old flashing too.

Chimney roof leaks can be hard to find and fix. A little leak in a corner can allow water into your home, especially during heavy rain. If your roof still leaks after resealing, you need to a roofing contractor to check the roof and fix the flashing.

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