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Roofers On Demand is available for emergency roof repair in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and all surrounding areas. Our professional roofers will respond any day of the week at ANY time, Just give us a call. Specializing in residential roof repair and commercial roof repair, normally our team is on site in around an hour and will begin repairs immediately. Our customers tell us this is one of the reasons they love doing business with us.

Roofers On Demand formed an emergency response division in 2015, making sure that we always have members on standby to help with your roof repair needs. On average, Roofers On Demand responds to 30+ leaking roof repair’s each week, making us the most reliable emergency roof repairs contractor in Pittsburgh, PA.

In some instances, emergency repairs go hand and hand with filing insurance claims. Our company has an insurance claim’s division, the insurance claims division handles 100’s of claims each year with one common goal in mind: To help our customers get their property back to perfect condition without having to pay any money out of pocket. With insurance work, we handle the entire claim for you and will repair your property immediately NEVER waiting for insurance company funding. Our customers are important to us, We cover your repair expenses and wait for the insurance company to pay us back.

Why let any other roof contractor work on your emergency roof repair in Pittsburgh?

We Respond Immediately To All Emergency Roofing Service Request

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What Happens When Your Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are very common in Western Pennsylvania, Especially in later winter months. The expanding action of freezing cause shingles to separate or pipe boots to tear, creating a path for water to travel. Water can get through any crack in the shingles or tears in the pipe boots that you may not be aware of. 

If the water gets underneath the roof shingles, it will get through the ice & water guard or roofing felt and be able to travel freely on your property’s decking (plywood). Once water has made it into your property’s interior it will travel the path of least resistance landing beneath your drywall. Drywall overtime wears down and a hole is formed, when this happens there will be leak you and your family can see.

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Effect Of A Leaking Roof

Water can quickly damage several things in your home such as electrical, trusses, drywall, carpet, personal belongings and many other things. Your foundation is designed to prevent water from entering from the outside, once water is inside it creates the perfect environment for water and greatly increases the chance for mold to develop.

Getting your Pittsburgh roof repaired as soon as you notice the leak will cost you a lot less money in the long run. Water is extremely damaging to wood, it has the potential to damage all the wood it runs along. It is important to get your roof inspected as soon as possible. Roofers On Demand are roof leak repair specialists in Pittsburgh, PA. Every customer receives a free no obligation inspection and estimate, Call us Today!

What To Expect When We Respond

Roofers On Demand understands the value of your home or commercial property, Our Pittsburgh roofing experts show up ready to work on every emergency roof repair. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, When we respond you can expect:

  • Immediate Response 
  • Stopping the leak 
  • Water Cleanup (If Needed)
  • Treatment Of Water Logged Areas
  • Guaranteed Results

With Roofers On Demand responding to Pittsburgh, PA Emergency roof repairs at all times of the day/night, our roofers will at times temporarily repair the roof to prevent further water from entering. Then completed the repair when the surface is dry. Roofers On Demand Never charges a service call fee for responding to emergency roof repairs.

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